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With Ruby Rose very active in the space of social media and having @70,000 followers on Twitter and @30,000 Facebook followers alone the campaign leans towards a social media space to capture our audience. Print and outdoor advertising headlines capture this essence by using Twitter speak to engage a market where social media is becoming the norm.

JVC’s ad headlines would have the twitter speak that Ruby will also send via Twitter at a scheduled time for continual dialogue. Ruby will also post a tweet about using the product, how cool it is, where she’s using it. Everyday life stuff. Hopefully her online presence and the campaign headlines will meet up and have some relevancy. If our audience captures the twitter speak from either the print/outdoor or Ruby’s actually tweets we feel the gap may be closed on getting JVC aligned with a new technologically advanced audience as well as helping JVC look a bit more cool with Ruby being the Brand Ambassador. The tweets will link up with Facebook where she will post up the ads, behind the scenes footage so as to create dialogue with her audience about her using the products as part of her overall lifestyle. The behind the scenes videos will give her audience a closer look at how it was all done and how much she enjoyed the process. All of JVC’s products fit. The copy in the ad is based on how the product benefits Ruby and is written to give the audience the sense that she wrote it. (Have a read of some and you’ll understand)

Ruby was chosen as the Brand Ambassador as someone that has a very active and fast paced lifestyle. She travels abroad, MTV status, Media Personality, DJs and now has purchased a car. Ruby fits into all our categories of Camcorders, Home Audio, Headphones (Noise cancelling for travelling, XX headphones for being a DJ) and Car Audio.

Ruby is edgy, sexy, educated, tech savvy, successful, ambitious. This allows the campaign to be believable through the audience’s eyes.