Our weekly wrap up of the top business and creativity reads around the web! This week’s image is by Shel Silverstein, via Rachel Hills.





  • How earned media boosts the branding effect of paid ads | eMarketer
  • 7 ideas to help bloggers make more money from brands | Life. Then strategy
  • Top companies spend millions on ads, but have no social media links or phone numbers for customers to use to take action | Advertising Age
  • Internet dating: Sex, love, and loneliness on the Internet | The New Yorker
  • The rise and inglorious fall of Myspace | BusinessWeek
  • Is peep culture the new pop culture? | Creative Social
  • Blogger beautiful? An examination of what it means to be beautiful and valuable in fashion blogging | Gala Darling
  • Commentators are increasingly concerned about gold bubbles, Tech 2.0 bubbles and venture capital bubbles. Can we prevent them? | Wired.com


  • Collecting vs. curating, and how the internet is muddying the line between the two | Frank Chimero
  • Design is really business risk management | Futurelab
  • Creative decisions drive technology and that technology is a design choice | Advertising Age