In early 2011 JLG partnered with CanTeen, the Australian organisation that believes no young person should go through their cancer journey alone. CanTeen supports, develops and empowers 12-24 year olds whose lives have been impacted by cancer; either directly or through a family member.

“It might sound clichéd but we took the decision to support CanTeen as a way of putting something valuable back into the community,” said Bob Mules, JLG’s General Manager Australia & New Zealand.

“We decided this year’s HRIA Convention would be a terrific place to kick-off our support in earnest by raising industry awareness of the great work CanTeen does and contribute much-needed funds.

“So we had a 4108AN Lighting Tower specially ‘wrapped’ in colourful graphics based on one of CanTeen’s signature bandannas, making it a ‘brilliant’, one-of-a-kind work of art. We then let all invitees to our ever-popular poker night know we were planning to auction it off and to bring their cheque books.

“On the night our MC, Sam Kekovich, played auctioneer and did a great job of motivating the crowd and driving the price higher. The bidding was spirited and in the end Graham Turner, Coates Hire Group Commercial Manager – Assets, made the winning bid of $75,000 – a fantastic result!” Bob enthused.

After the auction a happy Graham Turner said, “JLG is a major supplier to Coates Hire and we have a long and successful history of working closely together. When we found out about the auction we were determined to win!

“We’ll use the lighting tower promotionally and make it available for other worthwhile causes. CanTeen is an invaluable part of our community and Coates Hire takes a lot of pride in having made the winning bid, providing them with a terrific financial boost to help them keep helping young Australians,” Graham said.

And in a spectacular act of generosity, despite not winning the auction for themselves, Phil and Lyn Farmer from Bayside Hire and Andrew Ferry from Baseplan donated $1000 each to CanTeen.

From CanTeen’s perspective the auction exceeded all expectations and the funds raised will go a long way to continuing their vital work.

Kath Sugars of CanTeen WA said, “To give you an idea of how much this $75,000 means to us, it enables 120 young people living with cancer across Australia to attend one of CanTeen’s week-long support programs. Our programs aim to get young people who are going through a similar experience together, so they can share their stories and support each other.

“On behalf of everyone at CanTeen I’d like to say a big thank you to JLG Industries, for donating the lighting tower, and to Coates Hire for bidding so generously. This money will go a long way to helping CanTeen create a positive future for young people whose lives have been affected by cancer.” Kath concluded.

Sam, aged 18.  Sam joined CanTeen when he was 12, after his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, the following year Sam’s dad passed away but CanTeen was there for him every step of the way, helping him cope with his loss and to overcome the emotional and practical challenges he faced.

 “CanTeen has been a support base, and a place to get away from the stresses of life. When my father passed away in 2006, CanTeen was there for me. I could forget about what was going on in my life and really evaluate my situation, this helped me immensely.

Since then I’ve been getting more involved in CanTeen; planning camps, being on the division committee and recently being appointed Vice President of CanTeen WA. But, for me CanTeen is still this fun place for me to relax with friends, and strike up an enjoyable conversation or two! I hope that everyone can get the same level of support and enjoyment as I have.”

No matter where a young person like Sam is on their cancer journey or how their life has been impacted, CanTeen provides a safe environment where they can learn how to deal with the emotional, physical and practical issues of living with cancer and take back control of their lives.

For more information about CanTeen visit or call Roz Taylor, National Partnerships Manager on 02 8296 6307.